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Empowering Success Through Strategic Communication 

Where Expertise Meets Impact


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From Vision to Voice: Shaping the Dialogue for Tomorrow's Challenges 

At GloNet Communications we create Connections. Connecting networks isn't just about establishing links; it's about forging relationships, sharing knowledge, and building a collaborative ecosystem for mutual growth.

Four pillars of expertise

ESG Communications

Executive Communications

Corporate Communications



ESG Communications

Elevate your business with our expertise in ESG communications ranging from strategic sustainability planning to resonant messaging that leaves a lasting impression on stakeholders and the world.

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Executive Communications

At GLONET, we empower executives to be industry thought leaders through innovative communication strategies and executive positioning. From refining messaging to enhancing public speaking skills, we're here to drive success and create lasting impressions for your organization.

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Corporate Communications

We help businesses tell their unique story by crafting clear, compelling messages that resonate with stakeholders, addressing specific needs, and developing communication strategies to enhance reputation and create lasting value.

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Change Communications

In today's fast-paced business environment, navigating through change and transformation is crucial for growth. At Glonet Communications, we specialize in supporting companies through this journey, emphasizing the importance of involving all employees to ensure a cohesive and successful transition. By strategically planning and implementing engaging communications, we at Glonet Communications foster an environment where every team member is informed, involved, and ready to support the transformation process. Let Glonet Communications guide your organization through change, transforming challenges into opportunities for development and success.

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Meet the Founder

Dr. Karin Funke-Rapp

With a wealth of expertise in global management, crisis navigation, change communications and strategic mergers, Karin is passionate about reshaping together with you your company's success journey.

  • Executive Experience: Management roles at DAX, Nikkei, and NASDAQ-listed giants like BMW, Daimler, and GE.

  • Change communications: Experienced Chief Transformation Expert in the Energy and Technology sector

  • Crisis and Merger Specialist: Proven track record in navigating internal crises and contributing to significant mergers, including the acquisition of Mitsubishi Motors by Daimler and the Daimler Chrysler merger.

  • Language Proficiency: Native German speaker, fluent in English, respected international panel moderator.

  • Global Insight: Started as a journalist with ZDF in Germany and Radio NHK in Japan.

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Get ready to thrive in a world where effective communication is the key to success. 

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